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Okay so as I mentioned a while ago I needed to get a credit card in order to be able to order hosting and a domain name. Good news. I went to the bank yesterday and ordererd one, so it will arrive in the mail in about two workdays, so hopefully I’ll have it by the weekend.

I feel really motivated at the moment to get my internet business journey started. As I have mentioned earlier it has been one of my biggest dreams for a long time to succeed royaly online, with something simple, and become truly rich. But I do not want to get rich for the money, it’s for the love, as Bentley Green would have said.  I love everything about the web and I see it as a big game. It would be stupid not wanting to succeed in a game I’m dedicated to.

So maybe my next blogpost here will be an announcement about the launch of my new blog. Take care meanwhile =)


Need to get a credit card

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Okay so now I’m really looking forward to buying a domain name and a host to set up a blog at. I’ve checked prizes at hostgator and godaddy, and it is really cheap in my eyes. I’m an old World of Warcraft player and the monthly cost is lower than the subscription fee for that game, so it is really acceptable. Plus there is an income potential, which there is not in World of Warcraft.

My problem is that I do not have access to a credit card yet, so I have to make a visit to the bank soon and order one. Because as soon as I have one I will order the hosting plan and a domain name. The domain name will be my full name including first and last name. The bad thing is that my name totals 15 characters, but I have bad imagination and it feels pretty good to have a blog at myname.com.

So that is all for now, as soon as I buy the domain name and hosting plan I will inform you guys so you can keep following my trip to internet wealth there. Take care =)

My productiveness so far

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Okay so as I staded earlier I skipped school today because I had a test which I wasn’t enough prepared for. I wanted to be productive with the extra time I got on my hands because of this, and to be honest I am modestly satisfied (been home for about 3h and 30 minutes now). I have worked with a layout for my portfolio website for ‘Webdesign’ and ‘E-commerce’. The layout looks like this atm:


It took about 15-30 minutes to create this. So what did I do for the rest of the time I’ve been home? Well I’ve put this image on a html document trying different backgrounds and I think I found one which I liked. I’ve also started implementing css code into the document and will soon start to slice the images.

Though doing this didn’t take 3 hours. But I know myself and I am not always as productive as I want to. I’ve been spending like 1h and 30 minutes eating in front of the tv for example. But I am still pretty satisfied with atleast getting some results. Something to show.

So what do you think about the layout? It would be nice to hear your opinion =)

Home from school

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So today I tricked my mother that I was going to school. I went with her in the car to town and she let me of at my school. I walked up the school area,  turned around and went to the bus station further in to town. Took the bus home and now I’m here. I’m thinking of taking a nap because I’m really tired. But if I take a nap the whole day will be gone because I’ll wake up in maybe three to four hours.

What I should use this time for is studying on the test that I skipped today and maybe developing some websites (got some schoolwork where I need to create a portfolio website, in two subjects). Whatever I decide to do I definitely want to be productive. Something I wouldn’t mind is working out, but I feel kinda sick to be honest so I don’t know if that is too good for me.

So that is why I started this day out by writing a blog post, to gather my thoughts and vent them. That way I can make a choice of how I want to spend my day much easier. And it feels pretty productive to write blog posts to be honest. That is why I’ve been doing it so much lately.

Right now I feel like designing my portfolio website for ‘Webdesign’ and ‘E-commerce’, after maybe an hour or half an hour of that I might alternate a bit with studying on my physics test, or going out jumping on our trampoline to get some exercise. I did that yesterday for about five minutes and I feel that in my legs today, got minor muscle fever.

Very well I havn’t got anything else to tell you at the moment. Have fun and take care =)

Folding at home

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So I’ve been in and out of folding at home for about three years now. I really love the idea of this project and the potential it has. At the moment I don’t fold because my current computer is a bit unstable and it dies sometimes when it is stressed. But I still visit the website sometimes to watch the statistics, or read their forums.

I really feel that distributed computing is the future. There are many problems which can be partially solved with the help of computers, and if everyone would supply their computers to distributed computing projects they would be solved alot quicker than they are today. And we would find solutions to problems which would otherwise be impossible.

We humans have access to LOADS of calculational horsepowers. But most of this is just standing on idle, doing nothing. This folding at home project got 429,225 active CPUs at the moment according to this stats page. That is a pretty amazing amount in my opinion, but what is even more impressing (and important) is the amount of FLOPS this project has access to. The project is as we speak working at a speed of 8549 TFLOPS, or 8.5 Peta FLOPS (!!).

Now this is alot of computational power. But it is still a really small cut of what is available around the world. I do not have access to any numbers, but I would imagine there is well over 100 million computers in use around the world. If half of them would join this project and have the same average power the project would end up having about 1000 Peta FLOPS or 1 Exa FLOPS in computational power. And I think this estimate is pretty low in regard to the actual numbers.

So well yeah, distributed computing is something we humans need to organize and use to its fullest potential, to our advantage. If you havn’t tried out folding at home yet, you should!

Skipping a test

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Okay so this weekend have been pretty nice for me to be honest. Friday night I spent the night with my girlfriend. Saturday night I went to my girlfriend again, was there for some hours before attending my schools week of partying.

We have something called a ‘kortege’ at thuesday next week. So from the friday that was until thuesday loads of students will chill at the area surrounding my school with alcohol and stuff. The mood amongst the students are above awesomeness. 

So at saturday night at about 11 pm I got there after leaving my tired and at that time bad-mood girlfriend.  I had an awesome time with my friends there, and there were some pretty hot chicks around. But as always I’m a reliable guy and I won’t touch anyone but my girlfriend, unless she touches someone else first. But enough about that =)

So well this weekend has been really busy and I’ve got a test in physics tomorrow and I am far from prepared. So because of that I will not attend the test, and do it at the second try test in hope for better results. I am getting really bad conscience for this but this is the best option I have available. Even though I don’t like it.

This reminds me of a thing an old teacher of mine told me at junior high school. “Delaying things is like peeing in your pants while freezing. For a short period of time it feels awesome, but after a while you’ll freeze more than you did from the beginning”. This is so true.

He mentioned this to us when we were in a period of a lot of oral presentations in our class. Most of us were pretty nervous about having an oral presentation in front of the whole class (including myself), but after a few seconds of talking that nervousness used to disappear.

But if you skipped that days lesson just to not have to do the presentation it felt pretty rewarding (I did it one or two times) at first, not having to do that damn presentation, but as the next lesson were getting closer the situation felt worse than it did that first time.

So to make a long story short. I will skip my test tomorrow and I feel really bad about it.  But at least it’s a strategic choice. Take care and have fun =)

Buying a domain name

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I’ve got some plans on buying a domain name, some cheap hosting, and put up a blog there. That way the full worth of my blog will be kept in my hands, in contrary with a blog like this one, where I ain’t got 100%  control.

The ultimate thing would be to have a good domain name and write about 3-4 content posts every day. That way after about a year the blog will be full of content which will generate a lot of money if played right. Also, with my OWN blog it will feel more serious and it will be easier to push my self to write posts.

At that blog I would write articles about entrepreneurship online, personal posts about my progress online, and just ramling posts. All of this to imrove my english and increase the worth of my blog. In my eyes the more posts (quality) a blog has, and the older it is, the more it’s worth. Imagine a blog from 2003 which has written in average 3 posts every day until now. That is (6 years * 365 days * 3 posts) 6570 posts. Adding a bit of advertising to that and you will have backlinks to most of those posts. If you also work with keywords and SEO optimization you will be almost guaranteed lots of traffic from search engines.

And, if you would write articles like that for 6 years you would no doubt have increased your english writing skills, which is incredibly important to have if you want to succeed online. If you are a bad writer no one will take you seriously, and if no one takes you seriously there is no money to be fetched.

I remember in school I thought languages and writing sucked. But that was because in our school the way they introduced us to other languages (and our own) was so incredibly boring. They showed us old boring books and let us practice writing in boring ways. Instead of showing the potential power you can gain as a good writer.

Well thats all for now. Don’t expect another post in a while because the interwebs is not my highest prio atm.