Chill time


I havn’t been very productive today to be honest, but what can you expect from me when I’m having an easter break. I woke up at about 9 am today and went to town to meet my gf. I were with her until about 3.30pm, because I had driving class at 4pm. At 5pm the driving class was done and I went home and spoke to my brother about how we were going to spend the day (we are home alone for 10 days since my parents and our youngest brother is in China).

We decided to watch a movie and buy some pizza, but it felt to early to do so at 6pm (which the time was at that point), so we said we’d delay our plans until about 9pm. So I went to the gym and he went raiding in WoW with his friends (yes his irl friends). Now it’s 9.30pm here in Sweden and he is still raiding -.-. That pretty much sucks, he has to call it of soon, because I want my damn pizza 🙂

So yeah, it’s been a pretty much busy day for me today, so I havn’t got time to work with any of my projects. But from my own experience you get the best ideas when you are away from the computer (but I didn’t come up with any good ideas today : P), so I guess these days are okay to have sometimes =). Take care!


~ by husthust on April 7, 2009.

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