So I’ve decided to take a year of from school after I’m done with high school, and focus fully on becoming a successfull internet entrepreneur. Not only do I do this to try to capture one of my biggest dreams, but also because I feel I really need to take some time of from school before I start with college.

I might even take 2 years of,  so I can grow as a person and so I really know what I want with my life before making any decisions about what directions I want to choose in school and life. As it is right now I’m thinking of either going an economical or an IT-oriented class in school.

The optimal thing would be to during this one year build an online business which earns me enough money so I don’t have to take any normal job. That would mean I can work for myself, at the times I want, and I can work with a laptop while at vacations. My whole life could be a vacation, with a lot of time spent on my hobbies, internet businesses.

I know this post, and maybe most posts in this blog may seem to make no sense. And that is because they don’t. I don’t write here to make any sense to you, or to myself. I write here to vent my thoughts and feelings, and to practice my english writing skills. As you might have noticed if your native language is english, or if you are somewhat good at english, I suck at it, so I practice. Because I know that to become successful in this online business I need to be good at writing articles and texts in english. I could try to build my business around the swedish market, I’ve actually thought about it for a while, but I like the american a lot more. If I create english websites the potential audience is ALOT bigger, and so is the potential income.

Well thats it for now. I don’t have the will to add a picture to this post because I am really tired and I am going to bed straight after publishing this post. So take care and I hope to see you around =)


~ by husthust on April 9, 2009.

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