I’m blessed with a brilliant idea

Okay so today an even better idea hit me! This one is brilliant if I can say so myself. If I pull this one of in a good way I will become fucking rich, no kidding. This idea is also related to blogging and I won’t tell you much more than that.

This project also requires some coding skills and webdesigning skills, but what the heck. I feel this idea got the pontential to really succeed. I’m wondering why noone ever thought of this before, or if someone did but it wasn’t successful. Anyhow you should embrace all of the ideas you believe in and make the best of it. I would start working on this today, but I havn’t got the time really. But as always I can further develop this idea while doing other stuff, because the good ideas almost always come to me while I’m not at the computer.

Well I’m gonna start cleaning the house now because my mother is comming home after her 10 days vacation in China with my youngest brother and the house literally looks like crap. So take care and see you next time =)


~ by husthust on April 13, 2009.

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