Buying a domain name

I’ve got some plans on buying a domain name, some cheap hosting, and put up a blog there. That way the full worth of my blog will be kept in my hands, in contrary with a blog like this one, where I ain’t got 100%  control.

The ultimate thing would be to have a good domain name and write about 3-4 content posts every day. That way after about a year the blog will be full of content which will generate a lot of money if played right. Also, with my OWN blog it will feel more serious and it will be easier to push my self to write posts.

At that blog I would write articles about entrepreneurship online, personal posts about my progress online, and just ramling posts. All of this to imrove my english and increase the worth of my blog. In my eyes the more posts (quality) a blog has, and the older it is, the more it’s worth. Imagine a blog from 2003 which has written in average 3 posts every day until now. That is (6 years * 365 days * 3 posts) 6570 posts. Adding a bit of advertising to that and you will have backlinks to most of those posts. If you also work with keywords and SEO optimization you will be almost guaranteed lots of traffic from search engines.

And, if you would write articles like that for 6 years you would no doubt have increased your english writing skills, which is incredibly important to have if you want to succeed online. If you are a bad writer no one will take you seriously, and if no one takes you seriously there is no money to be fetched.

I remember in school I thought languages and writing sucked. But that was because in our school the way they introduced us to other languages (and our own) was so incredibly boring. They showed us old boring books and let us practice writing in boring ways. Instead of showing the potential power you can gain as a good writer.

Well thats all for now. Don’t expect another post in a while because the interwebs is not my highest prio atm.


~ by husthust on April 25, 2009.

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