Skipping a test

Okay so this weekend have been pretty nice for me to be honest. Friday night I spent the night with my girlfriend. Saturday night I went to my girlfriend again, was there for some hours before attending my schools week of partying.

We have something called a ‘kortege’ at thuesday next week. So from the friday that was until thuesday loads of students will chill at the area surrounding my school with alcohol and stuff. The mood amongst the students are above awesomeness. 

So at saturday night at about 11 pm I got there after leaving my tired and at that time bad-mood girlfriend.  I had an awesome time with my friends there, and there were some pretty hot chicks around. But as always I’m a reliable guy and I won’t touch anyone but my girlfriend, unless she touches someone else first. But enough about that =)

So well this weekend has been really busy and I’ve got a test in physics tomorrow and I am far from prepared. So because of that I will not attend the test, and do it at the second try test in hope for better results. I am getting really bad conscience for this but this is the best option I have available. Even though I don’t like it.

This reminds me of a thing an old teacher of mine told me at junior high school. “Delaying things is like peeing in your pants while freezing. For a short period of time it feels awesome, but after a while you’ll freeze more than you did from the beginning”. This is so true.

He mentioned this to us when we were in a period of a lot of oral presentations in our class. Most of us were pretty nervous about having an oral presentation in front of the whole class (including myself), but after a few seconds of talking that nervousness used to disappear.

But if you skipped that days lesson just to not have to do the presentation it felt pretty rewarding (I did it one or two times) at first, not having to do that damn presentation, but as the next lesson were getting closer the situation felt worse than it did that first time.

So to make a long story short. I will skip my test tomorrow and I feel really bad about it.  But at least it’s a strategic choice. Take care and have fun =)


~ by husthust on April 26, 2009.

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