Home from school

So today I tricked my mother that I was going to school. I went with her in the car to town and she let me of at my school. I walked up the school area,  turned around and went to the bus station further in to town. Took the bus home and now I’m here. I’m thinking of taking a nap because I’m really tired. But if I take a nap the whole day will be gone because I’ll wake up in maybe three to four hours.

What I should use this time for is studying on the test that I skipped today and maybe developing some websites (got some schoolwork where I need to create a portfolio website, in two subjects). Whatever I decide to do I definitely want to be productive. Something I wouldn’t mind is working out, but I feel kinda sick to be honest so I don’t know if that is too good for me.

So that is why I started this day out by writing a blog post, to gather my thoughts and vent them. That way I can make a choice of how I want to spend my day much easier. And it feels pretty productive to write blog posts to be honest. That is why I’ve been doing it so much lately.

Right now I feel like designing my portfolio website for ‘Webdesign’ and ‘E-commerce’, after maybe an hour or half an hour of that I might alternate a bit with studying on my physics test, or going out jumping on our trampoline to get some exercise. I did that yesterday for about five minutes and I feel that in my legs today, got minor muscle fever.

Very well I havn’t got anything else to tell you at the moment. Have fun and take care =)


~ by husthust on April 27, 2009.

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