My productiveness so far

Okay so as I staded earlier I skipped school today because I had a test which I wasn’t enough prepared for. I wanted to be productive with the extra time I got on my hands because of this, and to be honest I am modestly satisfied (been home for about 3h and 30 minutes now). I have worked with a layout for my portfolio website for ‘Webdesign’ and ‘E-commerce’. The layout looks like this atm:


It took about 15-30 minutes to create this. So what did I do for the rest of the time I’ve been home? Well I’ve put this image on a html document trying different backgrounds and I think I found one which I liked. I’ve also started implementing css code into the document and will soon start to slice the images.

Though doing this didn’t take 3 hours. But I know myself and I am not always as productive as I want to. I’ve been spending like 1h and 30 minutes eating in front of the tv for example. But I am still pretty satisfied with atleast getting some results. Something to show.

So what do you think about the layout? It would be nice to hear your opinion =)


~ by husthust on April 27, 2009.

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