Beach girls

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Okay so I’m just writing a short post to tell you that to my surprise I’ve got quite a lot (compared to the total) of visits from search engines lately. There is one term, beach girls, that has given me all of this traffic. Quite ironic really. There is one picture in this post that is related to the term, but the textual content is not. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the words beach and girl close to each other in any post, before this one, to be honest.

So this post about how the beach girls term got me all of this traffic will serve as a test to check if I will gain even more traffic on the term now after adding the words plus a nice picture. And no I havn’t been working anything with my projects lately. There is just so much in school and rl that I need to prioritize at the moment.

Well thats all for now. Take care and hope to see you around =)


I’m blessed with a brilliant idea

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Okay so today an even better idea hit me! This one is brilliant if I can say so myself. If I pull this one of in a good way I will become fucking rich, no kidding. This idea is also related to blogging and I won’t tell you much more than that.

This project also requires some coding skills and webdesigning skills, but what the heck. I feel this idea got the pontential to really succeed. I’m wondering why noone ever thought of this before, or if someone did but it wasn’t successful. Anyhow you should embrace all of the ideas you believe in and make the best of it. I would start working on this today, but I havn’t got the time really. But as always I can further develop this idea while doing other stuff, because the good ideas almost always come to me while I’m not at the computer.

Well I’m gonna start cleaning the house now because my mother is comming home after her 10 days vacation in China with my youngest brother and the house literally looks like crap. So take care and see you next time =)


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So during the easter I havn’t really been able to come online. At friday I got picked up by two friends without any notice at about 8pm, so I got out in jogging pants and a used t-shirt. I only had time to spray some perfume at myself before I went. First we got to a place where alot of rednecks gather with their volvo cars and just do nothing.

We were there for a while, and then went to one of my friends apartment (~10.30pm). We opened some beers and sat infront of his computer listening to music and discussing random stuf until about 1am. (During this whole night my gf had sms’d me from a party she was at wanting me to come, even though she said to me the day earlier that she didn’t want me to). After this I went to the party my gf was at, met a lot of new people and had much fun.

We got home to her place about 6am (me, her and her friend). We tried to get some sleep but it was fucking impossible. The morning after at about 1pm I went home, fell asleep and woke up at 8pm deciding to go out to my gf again. We barely got no sleep this night either (a), and now I got home, at 8pm.

So these last two days have been really fucked up for me. I am tired, hungry and feel dizy. What else can I do but order a pizza with my brother, watch some tv and then go to bed. Sounds like a solid plan to me. Take care and see ya (=


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So I’ve decided to take a year of from school after I’m done with high school, and focus fully on becoming a successfull internet entrepreneur. Not only do I do this to try to capture one of my biggest dreams, but also because I feel I really need to take some time of from school before I start with college.

I might even take 2 years of,  so I can grow as a person and so I really know what I want with my life before making any decisions about what directions I want to choose in school and life. As it is right now I’m thinking of either going an economical or an IT-oriented class in school.

The optimal thing would be to during this one year build an online business which earns me enough money so I don’t have to take any normal job. That would mean I can work for myself, at the times I want, and I can work with a laptop while at vacations. My whole life could be a vacation, with a lot of time spent on my hobbies, internet businesses.

I know this post, and maybe most posts in this blog may seem to make no sense. And that is because they don’t. I don’t write here to make any sense to you, or to myself. I write here to vent my thoughts and feelings, and to practice my english writing skills. As you might have noticed if your native language is english, or if you are somewhat good at english, I suck at it, so I practice. Because I know that to become successful in this online business I need to be good at writing articles and texts in english. I could try to build my business around the swedish market, I’ve actually thought about it for a while, but I like the american a lot more. If I create english websites the potential audience is ALOT bigger, and so is the potential income.

Well thats it for now. I don’t have the will to add a picture to this post because I am really tired and I am going to bed straight after publishing this post. So take care and I hope to see you around =)

Bad weather and a lazy mood

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When I woke up today the sky was totally gray for the first time in about a week, and like 15 minutes later it started raining like hell. So I felt this was a perfect day to do absolutely nothing. I’ve been sitting infront of my computer now since 11am (the time is 2pm now) and done nothing productive at all, so the day has got a good start.

I think me and my brother will need to clean the kitchen later and maybe go shopping some food and stuff because we’re getting low on that front.  After that I’ll go to the gym as usual. I really love going to the gym because it makes me feel a lot more alert and I can think more clearly after being there, plus there are loads of hot chicks at my gym and there are few things that are hotter than hot girls working out ; )

As for my projects I think I’ll have time to work with them later tonight. I really feel motivated to continue with the project I talked about here, since I think its a good idea and its always nice to have goals to work for. My plans for the project is to get it running, make it big and then sell it for a years revenues. That way I make quick money and will be able to start with something else, while indirectly still getting paid for a full year from my old site.

Thats all for now, I might write something additional later tonight if I feel I have the time for it.. Take care until next time ! =)

Chill time

•April 7, 2009 • 1 Comment


I havn’t been very productive today to be honest, but what can you expect from me when I’m having an easter break. I woke up at about 9 am today and went to town to meet my gf. I were with her until about 3.30pm, because I had driving class at 4pm. At 5pm the driving class was done and I went home and spoke to my brother about how we were going to spend the day (we are home alone for 10 days since my parents and our youngest brother is in China).

We decided to watch a movie and buy some pizza, but it felt to early to do so at 6pm (which the time was at that point), so we said we’d delay our plans until about 9pm. So I went to the gym and he went raiding in WoW with his friends (yes his irl friends). Now it’s 9.30pm here in Sweden and he is still raiding -.-. That pretty much sucks, he has to call it of soon, because I want my damn pizza 🙂

So yeah, it’s been a pretty much busy day for me today, so I havn’t got time to work with any of my projects. But from my own experience you get the best ideas when you are away from the computer (but I didn’t come up with any good ideas today : P), so I guess these days are okay to have sometimes =). Take care!

New ideas

•April 6, 2009 • 2 Comments

I’ve been thinking a bit about new business ideas since I started this blog yesterday.  And while I sat at the toilet crapping yesterday a brilliant idea hit me. I won’t go into too much details, but it has to do with blogs. I’ve always wanted a project to work with to improve my php and webdesigning skills, and this one is moderately hard so it’s perfect.

Since I’m on a easterbreak at the moment I’ve got all time in the world to work with this. But to make anything happen I will have to set up some tasks I want to be done. Therefore I’ve made a small list with things I want to be done today.

  • Make a first draft of the design for the website in photoshop (done)
  • Write a list of ways to promote the website once its done, minimum 5 ways (came up with three)
  • Think of a name for the website (wrote a list with some suggestions)

There we go. It’s not much but thats all I can think of at the moment without going into too much details. Well, gonna go out and chill in the sun now, the weather here in Sweden is awesome atm, take care! 🙂